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Cycas circinalis Seeds

Cycas circinalis Seeds

Item # SeedCycCir
- 9 pieces1+$5.00 ea.
Price 10 - 99$0.95 ea.
Price 100 - 199$0.75 ea.
Price 200+$0.70 ea.

These are all seedlings, now. Please click your way over to the seedling section of this website.
(Please click on the picture to enlarge it for a detailed view)
We have finally received our shipment of Cycas circinalis, direct from India. We cut open a good number of them, and they are not only good seeds (I project 80% germination rate) but they are just about to sprout (May 2002)!
These are the true Cycas circinalis (not C. rumphii), which are being wild collected from their habitat, in southern India.
Attached is a photograph sent by the seller, of the Cycas circinalis in habitat.
Here is the seller's description, including a comparison with C. rumphii:
"Cycas circinalis is from our scrub Jungles, though we have some populations in the Tropical rainforest areas. Leaves of this are narrower than C.rumphii, paler green , very oily in texture. . . Cycas rumphii is larger and comes from the Andaman Islands & Malayan Archipilago mostly in the high rainfall areas, with 100-300 inches per year."
We'll offer the seeds at the following prices:
$0.95 per seed for up to 100 seeds $0.75 for 100-199 seeds $0.70 for 200 or more seeds
To these prices we will add actual shipping costs, shipping, which compares favorably with the $90-$100 per 100 seeds being offered elsewhere.

Sprouted Seeds!$10.00, 10/$70.00, 20/$120.00

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Cycas circinalis Seeds