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Cycas wadei

Cycas wadei

Photo from the Prague Botanic Garden, Courtesy of Jan Vytopil,

Cycas wadei (also known as Wade’s Cycad’) is a relatively hardy cycad native to the Philippine Islands. It was identified as a new species in 1936, having previously thought to be a subspecies of the Austrailian cycad, Cycas cairnsiana.

Cycas wadei grows from Culion Island, on low hills inland from Halsey Harbour on the west of the island, in a large open grassland area, seasonally dry, that suffers frequent grassfires. Cycas wadei narrow leaflets appear to be an adaptation to xeric conditions similar to those experienced by Cycas cairnsiana in Australia.

Cycas wadei is a relatively heat and cold-tolerant species that has very interestingly narrow leaflets with a light colored mid-rib. Its trunk can grow over the long-term and are relatively slender, at 8-10 inches in diameter, developing a crown of long dark green leaves to 5 feet long, with very narrow leaflets up to 10-15 inches long.

Cycas wadei should do well in both subtropical, and warm temperate climates, plus Mediterranean climates in part shade. Its cleaned seeds are round, large and very prominently ribbed.

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Cycas wadei