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The Cycads
Loran Whitelock

The Cycads<br>Loran Whitelock

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This long-awaited work was written by one of the world's premiere cycad horticulturalists. Loran Whitelock's thorough treatment of cycads worldwide makes this book an authoritative resource. Whitelock spent decades studying cycads in their natural habitats around the world and in cultivation.

Few plants can rival cycads for variety of foliage, size, and form. Whitelock has an entire career of involvement with these plants of ancient lineage, whose fossil history extends over 200 million years. He has generated enthusiasm for these tough and durable plants among an entire generation of plant enthusiasts, not only as survivors but also as ornamental plants of great intrinsic interest.

This book represents an opportunity to learn about and appreciate these magnificent, rare and endangered plants.

Click to enlargeAbout the AuthorLoran M. Whitelock

Loran Whitelock holds a B.S. in botany and zoology, with a minor in microbiology. For many years he worked for the Los Angeles health department, until he changed careers to become a landscape designer. He has traveled to many countries to collect and study cycads, including Africa, China, and Mexico.

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The Cycads
Loran Whitelock