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Get the Fertilizer Proven in Our Nursery! Great for Drought-Resistant Plants, Cycads and Succulents

Get the Fertilizer Proven in Our Nursery!

Over 18+ years, we’ve developed and improved a fertilizer which yields dramatic proven results, producing strong and healthy growth for your cycads, succulents, and other drought-resistant plants. By using this fertilizer, you can:

1. Make your soil better, organically. In addition to feeding the plant, this fertilizer continuously feeds your soil. Healthy soil is the key to consistently growing healthier potted plants and garden grown plants. While organic  fertilizer creates healthy soil, chemical fertilizers can deplete soil nutrients.

2. Improve your soil’s “nutrient chemistry,” because most soils lack necessary nutrients.

3. Balance your soil’s pH. Most tap water and many soils are alkaline. This can prevent your plants from absorbing nutrients. Think about how sugar dissolves in hot tea vs. ice tea. Our fertilizer helps your plants absorb nutrients like hot tea dissolves sugar.*

4. Provide necessary micronutrients that produce vibrant, healthy, long-lived cycads and succulents.

5. Act quickly to feed and “green up” older yellow leaves. See above how a previously yellow-leafed large cycad in our nursery turned to DEEP GREEN over a matter of weeks.


* Our Fertilizer Article explains this in detail. 


Please Note: We do our annual fertilizer purchase and sale once per year. So, your order should arrive in 2-5 weeks after your purchase, depending on our manufacturer's speed in getting the fertilizer to us. Please be patient!

Shipping: For your shipping method, if you purchase fertilizer only in your order, please select Fert as your Shipping Method when you check out through your online shopping cart, to save money.

Nursery Pickup Option: If you want to pick up your fertilizer at the nursery, please select “Do Not Ship—I Will Pick Up” as your shipping method.

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Cycad Fertilizer Used in Our Nursery<br>Application Rates and Instructions
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Cycad Fertilizer Used in Our Nursery
Application Rates and Instructions

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Get the Fertilizer Proven in Our Nursery!