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Fast-Growing Blue-Leafed Cycas

Cycas angulata Seeds
Fast-Growing Blue-Leafed Cycas

Cycas angulata Seeds<br>Fast-Growing Blue-Leafed Cycas

These are all seedlings, now. Please click your way over to the seedling section of this website.

Click on the photo here for an image of how this plant looks as a juvenile.

This past year was the first time these seeds have been offered in the USA for many years, and we stocked out, leaving some of our good customers without seeds. Well, we have them again, at a great price, as you'll see below.

Cycas angulata is distinguished from other Australian species by its very robust habit and its keeled ("Veed") leaves with long, narrow, blue-grey leaflets arranged at a relatively low angle to the rachis.

It is best planted in the ground or a deep pot to allow its fast-growing taproot room to develop properly. C. angulata does not produce its first leaf until its first root has formed.

The plants leaves are grey-green (bluish when new), semiglossy, 4-8 ft. long, moderately keeled and with leaflets not gradually reducing to spines.

These seeds may be shipped to addresses outside the USA. Please verify with your local authorities whether you will require a Phytosanitary Permit.

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Cycas angulata Seeds
Fast-Growing Blue-Leafed Cycas