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Crassula falcata Plants

Crassula falcata PlantsCrassula falcata , also known as Crassula perfoliata var. falcata, is commonly known as the Airplane Plant or the Propeller Plant.Crassula falcata is a striking, drought-resistant,cold-tolerant succulent plant from the Cape region of South Africa. Its overlapping gray-blue-green leaves are sickle-shaped (like propellers or the wings of an airplane). They have a remarkable velvety-fuzzy texture and grow 4 to 5 inches long by about 1 inch wide.

Crassula falcata plants grow to 2 feet tall. Their small scarlet red flowers grow in a large cluster, rising dramatically above the plants' leaves in summer, giving a beautiful showing for 6-8 weeks. They flower smells like cinnamon and can bloom twice per year, attracting hummingbirds and other pollinators.

Crassula falcata is attractive both in bloom and when not in bloom. It is a great xeriscape plant, growing well in full sun to part shade, both in gardens and containers. It is hardy to at least 20 Fahrenheit.

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Crassula falcata Plants