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Ceratozamia norstogii Seeds

Ceratozamia norstogii Seeds

Item # SeedCerNor
- 9 pieces1+$20.00 ea.
Price 10 - 19$10.00 ea.
Price 20 - 99$9.00 ea.

Ceratozamia norstogii was named in honor of well-known botanist and cycad enthusiast Knut Norstog, in 1982 by botanist Dennis Stevenson. It had been known since the 1920s under various other names, including Cz. plumosa. It has narrow leaflets, and long, twisted leaves. Cz. norstogii is native to a very small habitat in the state of Chiapas, Mexico, in seasonally dry pine-oak forests in the Sierra Madre del Sul.
Its trunk is part arborescent, part subterranean, up to 5 feet in length, and 5-9 inches in diameter. New leaves emerge bronze, red or chocolate brown. They are leaves dark green, semiglossy, 2-6 feet long, flat along the leaf, with a spiral twist. Leaflets are thick and somewhat leathery curved inward, 10-20 inches long, and barely 1/8-3/16 inches wide.

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Ceratozamia norstogii Seeds