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Cycas shanyaensis

Cycas shanyaensis(Photo courtesy of

Cycas shanyaensis (also known as ‘Cycas shanyagensis’) is a newly described (2006) species. It grows in mountain forests between 2300 and 2600 feet in altitude on China’s Hainan Island, near the city of Shanya, from which Cycas shanyaensis gets its name. This plant was originally described as Cycas shanyagensis, due to a misspelling.

Cycas shanyaensis trunk can grow over long-term to 6-10 feet tall, relatively slender, at 8-10 inches in diameter, developing a crown of long graceful leaves to 5.5 feet long, with leaflets up to 10 inches long. It is very new in cultivation yet but should do well in both subtropical, and warm temperate climates, plus Mediterranean climates in part shade.

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Cycas shanyaensis