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Through Year-End

2006 Holiday Sale!
Through Year-End

<b><font color="green">2006 <font color="red">Holiday <font color="green">Sale!<br><font color="red">Through<font color="green"> Year-End</b>

Last Minute Update!

We have a female Encephalartos latifrons that we'll be offering for sale as well. It's a beauty. One you'll want to see.


New Plant Update and Sale Notice

The Jurassic Garden Holiday Sale will take place Saturday-Sunday, December 9-10, from 9AM to 4PM. This will include discounts across the board from our already reasonable prices.

In addition to these discounts, we have recently concluded a major import, which includes specimens of the following rare species for your consideration:

• E. cerinus
• E. cupidus
• E. cycadifolius
• E. dyerianus
• E. eugene maraisii
• E. ghellinckii
• E. humilis
• E. laevifolius
• E. lanatus

These plants are now available, and you may contact us at if you’d like an updated availability list.

In addition, if you'll click on the links below, you'll see more complete listing of our available plants.

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2006 Holiday Sale!
Through Year-End