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Encephalartos concinnus Seeds

Encephalartos concinnus Seeds

E. concinnus is an extremely hard-to-find cycad, as it does not occur in large numbers in any of its localities, but rather in small, isolated colonies. Its name means “neat” or “elegant” in Latin, due to the neat arrangement of the male cone scales.

A medium-to-large-sized cycad, it grows to 10 feet in trunk height, often producing multiple trunks and multiple branches. Its straight leaves are dark green in color, with a distinct blue accent for those plants growing in the shade.

E. concinnus grows in a hot, dry habitat, and can be found in Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

10+ Seeds: $5.00 apiece
20+ Seeds: $4.00 apiece
50+ Seeds: $3.00 apiece

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Encephalartos concinnus Seeds