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Aloe suprafoliata Plants

Aloe suprafoliata Plants

Aloe suprafoliata is an excellent drought-tolerant species for an arid climate garden. When younger (1-5 years old) its leaves emerge from the stem opposite each other, thus earning the nickname “Pancho Villa’s Mustache” from our Nursery Manager’s girlfriend. As the plant matures, the leaves gradually swirl around to form a completely round shaped rosettes.

Aloe suprafoliata leaves are deep turquoise-light blue, edged with red-magenta. This leaf color may shift to blue-green as Aloe suprafoliata matures in size and shape. Aloe suprafoliata leaves have spiky but not harmful edges. Flowers are large beautiful and rose colored, with stalks emerging in mid-winter.

Aloe suprafoliata is one of the more cold hardy aloes, withstanding temperatures into the low 20’s Fahrenheit withoug leaf damage. Aloe suprafoliata does well in pots, or in small or large gardens.

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Aloe suprafoliata Plants