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Species List

Alphabetical & Clickable
Species List

Alphabetical & Clickable<br>Species ListHere is my friend Fred, with his Encephalartos whitelockii, and a complete list of all the species we propagated over the 17 years we were in business. Please click on any species name below to get more information on these plants from our website, or click here to get a PDF download of this list, with clickable links !

Aeonium Species
Aeonium 'Zwartkop,' aka Aeonium 'Schwarzkopf'
Aeonium Sunburst Plants
Aeonium canariense Plants

Agathis robusta

Agave Species
Agave macroacantha
Agave tequilana (Tequila Sunrise Agave)
Agave victoriae-reginae

Aloe Species
Aloe africana Plants
Aloe alooides Plants
Aloe arborescens Plants
Aloe bainesii Plants | Aloe barberae Plants
Aloe cameronii Plants
Aloe chabaudii Plants -- Blue/Silver/Green Color
Aloe chabaudii Plants – Pink/Red/Purple Color
Aloe cryptopoda Plants
Aloe decurva Plants
Aloe dichotoma Plants
Aloe excelsa "Matsimbo" Plants
Aloe ferox Plants
Aloe ferox Plants--White Flower Form
Aloe pillansii Plants
Aloe plicatilis Plants
Aloe pluridens Plants
Aloe x principis Plants Aloe ferox x Aloe arborescens
Aloe speciosa Plants
Aloe striatula Plants
Aloe swynnertonii Plants

Beaucarnea guatemalensis Plants

Boophone Plants
Boophone disticha Plants
Boophone haemanthoides Plants

Ceratozamia Plants
Ceratozamia hildae
Ceratozamia kuesteriana
Ceratozamia latifolia
Ceratozamia mexicana
Ceratozamia miqueliana
Ceratozamia robusta
Ceratozamia zaragozae
Certatozamia norstogii

Crassula Plants
Crassula falcata (Crassula perfoliata var. falcata)
Crassula “Baby Necklace” (Crassula perforata x Crassula rupestris var marnieriana)

Cycas Plants
Cycas angulata
Cycas balansae
Cycas beddomei
Cycas bifida
Cycas bougainvilleana
Cycas cairnsiana
Cycas circinalis
Cycas clivicola
Cycas couttsiana
Cycas currannii
Cycas debaoensis
Cycas diannanensis
Cycas dolichophylla
Cycas elephantipes
Cycas guizhouensis
Cycas hainanensis
Cycas litoralis
Cycas macrocarpa
Cycas media
Cycas micholitzii (C. bifida)
Cycas micronesica
Cycas multipinnta
Cycas nongnoochiae
Cycas ophiolitica
Cycas panzhihuaensis
Cycas parvulus
Cycas pectinata
Cycas petraea
Cycas platyphylla
Cycas pranburiensis
Cycas revoluta
Cycas revoluta”Showa”
Cycas riuminiana
Cycas rumphii
Cycas schumanniana
Cycas sexseminifera
Cycas shanyaensis
Cycas siamensis
Cycas simplicipinna
Cycas sp. China
Cycas sp. Kanchanaburi
Cycas sp. Lamnarai
Cycas sp. Lopburi
Cycas sp. Sarburi
Cycas sp. Thai Dwarf
Cycas sp. Utaithani
Cycas sp.”nova loei”
Cycas sp.”nova meeldijk”
Cycas sp.”nova wilailak”
Cycas sp.”Thai Silver Form”
Cycas sp.”Wilailak”
Cycas taitungensis
Cycas thouarsii
Cycas wadei

Dasylirion longissimum

Dioon Plants
Dioon angustifolium (Tamaulipas)
Dioon califanoi
Dioon caputoi
Dioon edule var. edule
Dioon edule var.”Jacala Hildalgo”
Dioon edule var.”Rio Verde”
Dioon edule”Queretaro Blue Form”
Dioon holmgrenii
Dioon mejiae
Dioon merolae”Golden Dioon”Oaxaca
Dioon merolae”Las Minas”(Chiapas)
Dioon mixtequensis
Dioon rzedowskii
Dioon sonorense
Dioon sp.”Palma Sola”
Dioon spinulosum

Dyckia Plants
Dyckia fosteriana”Precious Metal”
Dyckia fosteriana”Red Devil”
Dyckia fosteriana”Silver Superstar”
Dyckia fosteriana”Silvertooth Tiger”

Echeveria Species
Echeveria affinis 'Black Knight'
Echeveria sp.”Afterglow”
Echeveria 'Black Prince'
Echeveria elegans
Echeveria imbricata
Echeveria peacockii
Echeveria runyonii var. 'Topsy turvy'
Echeveria 'Perle von Nurnberg'

Encephalartos Plants
Encephalartos aemulans
Encephalartos altensteinii
Encephalartos altensteinii x lehmanii
Encephalartos altensteinii x trispinosus
Encephalartos aplanatus
Encephalartos arenarius
Encephalartos arenarius (Blue Form)
Encephalartos arenarius (Blue Leaves)
Encephalartos arenarius x horridus
Encephalartos arenarius x horridus (Blue)
Encephalartos barteri
Encephalartos bubalinus
Encephalartos caffer
Encephalartos cerinus
Encephalartos chimanimaniensis
Encephalartos concinnus
Encephalartos cupidus
Encephalartos cupidus”Robustus”
Encephalartos cycadifolius
Encephalartos dyerianus
Encephalartos eugene maraisii
Encephalartos ferox
Encephalartos ferox”Chiputo”
Encephalartos ferox”Chongoene”
Encephalartos ferox”XaiXai”
Encephalartos friderici-guilielmi
Encephalartos gratus
Encephalartos gratus x manikensis
Encephalartos gratus”Chiraba”
Encephalartos gratus”Navene”
Encephalartos hildebrandtii
Encephalartos horridus
Encephalartos horridus Hewson Collection
Encephalartos horridus x longifolius
Encephalartos horridus”Dwarf”
Encephalartos inopinus
Encephalartos ituriensis
Encephalartos kisambo
Encephalartos laevifolius
Encephalartos lanatus
Encephalartos latifrons
Encephalartos laurentianus
Encephalartos lebomboensis
Encephalartos lehmannii
Encephalartos lehmannii (Paardport Mountain)
Encephalartos lehmannii”Kirkwood”
Encephalartos longifolius
Encephalartos longifolius”Blue Form”
Encephalartos mackenziei (sp. Sudan)
Encephalartos macrostrobilus
Encephalartos manikensis
Encephalartos manikensis”Bandula”
Encephalartos manikensis”Belasse”
Encephalartos manikensis”Chipinge”
Encephalartos manikensis”Imbeza”
Encephalartos manikensis”Inhanjanga”
Encephalartos manikensis”Pugue Sud”
Encephalartos manikensis”Vanduzi”
Encephalartos middelburgensis
Encephalartos msinganus
Encephalartos munchii (a) and (b)
Encephalartos munchii”Blue Form”
Encephalartos natalensis
Encephalartos natalensis x woodii
Encephalartos natalensis”Highflats”
Encephalartos natalensis”Kranskop”
Encephalartos natalensis”Malakata”
Encephalartos natalensis”Vryheid”
Encephalartos nubimontanus
Encephalartos nubimontanus”Robustus”
Encephalartos paucidentatus
Encephalartos poggei
Encephalartos princeps
Encephalartos pterogonus
Encephalartos schaijesii
Encephalartos sclavoi
Encephalartos senticosus
Encephalartos senticosus x trispinosus
Encephalartos septentrionalis
Encephalartos sp. Chinyazenge
Encephalartos sp. Chinyazenge
Encephalartos sp. Choala
Encephalartos sp. Gorongosa
Encephalartos sp. Kongo
Encephalartos sp. Punge Sud
Encephalartos sp. Vumba
Encephalartos tegulaneus
Encephalartos transvenosus
Encephalartos transvenosus x latifrons
Encephalartos transvenosus x lehmannii
Encephalartos transvenosus x paucidentatus
Encephalartos transvenosus x woodii
Encephalartos trispinosus
Encephalartos trispinosus Silver Leaf
Encephalartos turneri
Encephalartos umbeluziensis
Encephalartos villosus
Encephalartos whitelockii

Furcraea macdougalii

Lepidozamia hopei
Lepidozamia peroffskyana

Macrozamia Species
Macrozamia communis
Macrozamia diplomera
Macrozamia fraseri
Macrozamia miquelii
Macrozamia moorei
Macrozamia mountperriensis
Macrozamia riedlei

Parajubaea torallyi

Pseudobombax ellipticum Bonsai Plants

Stangeria eriopus

Strelitzia Species
Strelitzia juncea Plants: Narrow-Leafed Bird of Paradise
Strelitzia reginae”Mandela's Gold"

Zamia Species
Zamia amazonum
Zamia ambliphyllidia
Zamia angustifolia
Zamia elegantissima var. Alba Rare Form
Zamia fairchildiana
Zamia fischeri
Zamia floridana
Zamia furfuracea
Zamia herrerae
Zamia imperialis
Zamia inermis
Zamia ipetiensis
Zamia katzeriana
Zamia loddigesii
Zamia lucayana
Zamia nesophila
Zamia neurophyllidia
Zamia new providence
Zamia paucijuga
Zamia polymorpha
Zamia pseudoparasitica
Zamia pumila
Zamia pygmaea
Zamia roezlii
Zamia skinneri
Zamia sp. Alvarado
Zamia sp. Cayman Islands
Zamia spartea
Zamia splendens
Zamia standleyi
Zamia variegata
Zamia vasquezii

Cycad Categories
Cycad Categories

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Alphabetical & Clickable
Species List