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Aloe ferox x Aloe arborescens

Aloe x principis: A Dynamic Aloe with Hybrid Vigor
Aloe ferox x arborescens | Aloe arborescens x ferox

Aloe x principis Plants<br>Aloe ferox x Aloe arborescensAloe x principis , a naturally occurring habitat cross between Aloe ferox and Aloe arborescens, grows with hybrid vigor and in some ways improves on both parent plants. Aloe x principis, the Aloe ferox x Aloe arborescens cross, grows tall but not as heavy as Aloe ferox and is more robust and orderly than Aloe arborescens.

Aloe x principisí numerous bright red flower spikes rise from large rosettes of thick blue-green leaves in winter/spring, similar to Aloe arborescens, and appear at a relatively young age. Aloe x principis forms branches more selectively than Aloe arborescens, and so is less bushy in form.

Aloe x principis can grow to 6-8 feet tall, handle full sun, and forms a branching tree shape that is an easily grown garden plant or pot plant. It will withstand light frost, down to the mid-20ís Fahrenheit.

Some say that Aloe x principis combines the medicinal qualities of Aloe arborescens with the medicinal qualities of Aloe ferox, but we do not make that claim, and we grow and sell this plant for horticultural uses only.

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Aloe x principis Plants
Aloe ferox x Aloe arborescens