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Aloe vaombe Plants

Aloe vaombe Plants

Aloe vaombe, the “Madagascar Tree Aloe” is one of the most beautiful large tree aloes, making a stunning centerpiece specimen for a garden. Native to Madagascar, it grows un-branched to 12 feet or taller with large single rosettes growing to 5 feet diameter. Aloe vaombe has long smooth green leaves which are recurved with white teeth. These leaves are curved/cupped-shaped when viewed in cross section and take on a deep red color in cold or sun.

Aloe vaombe has bright deep red flowers are borne in erect branched racemes in mid-winter, attracting bees and birds. Plant it in full sun and water it sparingly once established, though plants grow much faster fuller with regular irrigation. This large tree Aloe from Madagascar native to dry thornscrub in southern Madagascar limestone soils comes where it. The specific epithet comes from the indigenous name 'vahombre'.

Aloe vaombe is drought-resistant, drought-tolerant, and handles most soil types and a variety of climates. It is somewhat cold hardy but not below 25°F as proven in Southern California during our January 2007 cold spell, when temperatures dropped to that level for 3 successive nights. Ironically, this plant did better than Aloe bainesii (Aloe barberae) in similar frost exposure.

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Aloe vaombe Plants