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Aloe spicata

Aloe spicataAloe spicata (Bottle-brush Aloe) is a large-growing aloe that grows a trunk to 4 to 6 feet tall and can be solitary but can also clustering with up to few 3 foot-wide rosettes of long gracefully recurved and relatively narrow leaves that gradually taper to a point. These leaves are deeply guttered on the upper surface and are a bright green color attractively infused with orange-pink to red tones, particularly near the margins, which also have small firm teeth. In mid-to-late-winter non-branching 3 foot long flower spikes emerge, 3 to 5 to a rosette, with dense yellow-green flowers which appear yellow-orange due to their orange prominent stamens.

Aloe spicata should be planted in full sun to light shade in a well-drained soil and irrigated sparely.The drier it is kept the redder Aloe spicata will be. Its name derives from its spike-shaped flowers. Aloe spicata is well-known for its neat habit, and low-maintenance.

Aloe spicata is hardy to about 25 F. This tree aloe works well for hillside plantings. Its native habitat is steep slopes from sea level to over one mile in altitude in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Swaziland and South Africa.

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Aloe spicata