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Aloe ramosissima Plants

Aloe ramosissimaAloe ramosissima the most abundantly branched aloe. It is an excellent rare plant suitable for container gardening or as a focal point in a garden landscape. Its very appropriate species name, ramosissima derives from the Latin for “very branched”. It is native to South Africa’s Northern Cape Province and neighboring Namibia, an arid region called Namaqualand.

From a young age, Aloe ramosissima has a branching habit, more so than any other Aloe we’ve seen. This branching continues as the plant matures, creating a thick, round-shaped multi-branched “tree aloe” growing to 7 feet tall and wide. Aloe ramosissima stems are smooth and covered with a waxy, grey powder, the plant’s natural sunscreen. Branches terminate in rosettes of fleshy, oblong leaves, each up to 8 inches long and ¾ inch wide at their base. Aloe ramosissima leaves are blue-green or yellow-green, sometimes bearing with a rosy blush. Leaf margins have narrow edges and tan colored (sharp!) teeth. Aloe ramosissima flowers in winter, an 8 inch long spike with relatively large yellow blooms.

Aloe ramosissima is a rare and endangered species in habitat. It is drought-resistant andheat-tolerant.

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Aloe ramosissima