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Aloe plicatilis Plants

Aloe plicatilis PlantsAloe plicatilis, also known as the Fan Aloe, has attractive gray-green leaves which form a unique fan-like arrangement instead of the circular rosettes formed by most other aloes. Aloe plicatilis is also unusual among aloes because it grows as a large multi-branching small tree. Its scarlet flowers attract and provide food for hummingbirds during cool winter months.

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Aloe plicatilis is native to a very limited habitat in South Africa's Western Cape, just a few mountains in this region between Franschhoek and Elandskloof. It grows in well-drained, sandy soil on steep, rocky slopes. This is a Mediterranean climate with dry hot summers and cold wet winters.

Aloe plicatilis can grow to a height of 10-15 feet tall over time. It features forked stems, with clusters of strap-shaped leaves arranged in 2 opposite rows, like a fan. Its botanical name, “plicatilis,” means "fan-like" or "pleated."

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Aloe plicatilis Plants