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Aloe ortholopha Plants

Aloe ortholopha Plants

Item # AloOrt

Aloe ortholopha is a rare stemless aloe with grey-green leaves with a pinkish tinge and orange/scarlet to blood-red flowers in winter. Its leaves are smooth, virtually spineless, very wide and silver-blue, with a glaucous sheen, which rosettes growing to 2 feet in diameter. Native to Zimbabwe, Aloe ortholopha grows in serpentine soils low in the basic elements of lack of essential nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus, while high in rarer elements.

Aloe ortholopha plants are gray and unspotted, with a horizontal inflorescence bearing flowers oriented on one side of the raceme (a form called ‘secund’). It has a relatively long flowering period, nearly 4 months.

In full sun, Aloe ortholopha develops a purple cast in full sun and is a fast grower Very drought-resistant, it likes water and grows well in nutrient-poor soils.

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Aloe ortholopha Plants