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Aloe marlothii Plants

Aloe marlothii Plants

Aloe marlothii is a tall-growing single-stemmed tree aloe, which can grow to nearly 20 feet tall over time. Aloe marlothii leaves are large, broad and succulent, with color ranging from light greyish green to blue-green, growing up to 10 inches wide by 5 feet long in mature specimens. Leaves feature a broad base tapering to a sharp point, covered with spines on upper and lower surfaces and red-colored teeth with orange tips along the leaf margins. Aloe marlothii flowers appear in late spring to late summer, and grow on a branched candelabra-shaped inflorescence, with up to 30 spikes covered with individual flowers. Aloe marlothii flower color varies from orange-red to yellow or bright red.

Aloe marlothii grows in South Africa, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Mozambique, from sea level to one mile in altitude, and so it tolerates heat and frost, and it is drought-resistant.

Aloe marlothii is a summer rainfall species and thrives under warm wet summers and warm to cool, dry winters. In cultivation the species can tolerate additional watering in both summer and winter rainfall gardens and may different from the natural forms with leaves lighter green and less thorny. Aloe marlothii prefers full sun and good drainage.

Aloe marlothii, Prevalent Form<Br>Smaller Plants
Aloe marlothii Blue Form
Aloe marlothii, Prevalent Form
Smaller Plants

Aloe marlothii Blue Form


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Aloe marlothii Plants