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Aloe dichotoma Plants

Aloe dichotoma Plants

Aloe dichotoma , also known as the "Quiver Tree", is an aloe species native to the Namib deserts of Namibia and the Northern Cape of South Africa. This plant is rare and endangered, so these seed-grown specimens can be your effort to populate the world with more of this beautiful plant.

The name "Quiver Tree" originates from the native San tribe, who use the hollowed branches as quivers for their arrows. Aloe dichotoma's botanical name derives from its dichotomously forked branches: "dichotoma" is Latin for "forked".

Aloe dichotoma is a strong growing tree aloe with smooth branches covered with a thinly powdered natural sun screen. Over time, Aloe dichotoma’s bark becomes covered with brownish gold scales. Its blue-green leaves form a rosette on mature plants. The juvenile form features leaves in vertical rows. Aloe dichotoma’s bright yellow flowers emerge in mid-winter.

Aloe dichotoma grows well in Southern California and throughout the southwestern USA, where it is an attractive landscape feature.

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Aloe dichotoma Plants