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Aloe cameronii Plants

Aloe cameronii PlantsPhoto Courtesy of Geoff Stein.

Aloe cameronii (Cameron's Red Aloe) is a medium sized aloe which produces numerous upright stems of open rosettes to growing up to 2 feet tall. Its narrow leaves turn deep red when grown in full sun and high heat. Aloe cameroniiís bright orange-red flowers emerge in 1 foot tall spikes from late fall through the winter. And while the flowers are truly beautiful, they are even more attractive in contrast with the deep red of Aloe cameronii leaves.

Aloe cameronii should be grown in full sun in well drained soil and irrigated only occasionally to enhance its leavesí red color. If you over water this plant, the leaves may turn green. Aloe cameronii is a relatively hardy plant, handling down to the mid 20's without frost damage. This aloe species combines attractive foliage and attractive flowers.

Aloe cameronii was first discovered by Kenneth Cameron of the African Lakes Corporation, who sent it to the Royal Botanic Garden at Kew in 1854.

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Aloe cameronii Plants