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Aloe acutissima Plants

Aloe acutissima Plants

Aloe acutissima is a fast growing, rare, silver-blue multi-stemmed aloe which grows to 3 feet tall. Its stems are topped with 8-10 inch wide rosettes of narrow recurved leaves that have pink-purple and red. Its margins have reddish-brown teeth. Dry weather, heat and cold produce the most vibrant colors.

Aloe acutissima features growth which spreads out from the center forming a wide, branching shrub. Its dull red-orange flowers on unbranched thin spikes emerge one foot above its leaves. The name ‘acutissima’ derives from its acutely narrow and pointed leaves, with sharp triangular teeth on the leaf margins.

Aloe acutissima grows well in full sun and well-drained soil. It is drought-resistant and cold-tolerant to around 25 °F. In habitat, it grows up to 4000 feet in elevation near the southwest coast of Madagascar in rocky shallow soils.

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Aloe acutissima Plants