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Aloe ferox Plants

Aloe ferox PlantsAloe ferox is a tall, single stemmed tree aloe with a habitat spreading throughout much of South Africa, ranging from rocky hill slopes, to grasslands to deserts, growing both in the open and in bushy areas. “Ferox” is Latin for "fierce" due to the plant’s spiny-edged leaves. Aloe ferox is also known for its medicinal qualities. In South Africa, it is taken for arthritis, and its gel-like flesh is used in cosmetic products and wound healing.

Aloe ferox can reach 7-10 feet in height with the leaves arranged in a rosette. Old leaves remain after they have dried, forming a "petticoat" on the stem. Aloe ferox leaves are dull blue-green, often with a slightly blue or reddish tinge, with red spines on the leaf edge. Spines may also be on upper and lower leaf surfaces. Younger plants are often more spiny than mature ones. Flowers form a large candelabra, carried on five and eight branches, each carrying a spike-like head carrying numerous flowers. Flower color varies from yellowy-orange to bright red. Flowering occurs in winter often appearing in habitat in large numbers where its flowers create a stunning winter display.

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Aloe ferox Plants