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Aloe chabaudii Plants

Aloe chabaudii PlantsAloe chabaudii is an attractive generally stemless succulent, growing in forms gently spreading groups of rosettes, as it matures. Plants generally form one of two alternate colors:

(1) blue/grey-green, often flushed with pink, or

(2) reddish/pink.

Aloe chabaudii , a perennial succulent is heat and cold-tolerant, adaptable to sun or shade, in well-drained soil. Its habitat ranges from northeastern South Africa to Mozambique, Zambia and Malawi, where it grows on lower slopes of hills on rocky granite outcrops, often in dense colonies. It enjoys full sun to part shade, moderate water in summer, and relatively dry in winter. It is cold hardy to below 28F (-2C).

Aloe chabaudii blooms in winter, its inflorescences displayed in a many-branched cluster 1 to 3 feet tall, with up to 15 groups of coral-pink-rose-red flowers.

Aloe chabaudii is one of the more strikingly colored aloes and grows attractively in a garden with other succulents and sun-loving cycads. It is named for John Chabaud, an enthusiastic amateur gardener in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, who had this aloe flowering in his garden.

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Aloe chabaudii Plants