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Aeonium Sunburst Plants

Aeonium Sunburst PlantsAeonium “Sunburst” is an attractive multicolored Aeonium cultivar also called the “Copper Pinwheel Aeonium”. It’s a striking succulent with medium-to-large rosettes of variegated green, white, yellow and red striped leaves.

Aeonium “Sunburst” can handle full coastal sun. Inland, it prefers part-day shade. This drought-resistant succulent, only needing occasional watering. Temperature-wise, it handles into the low 30’s but may suffer frost damage in the mid 20’s.

Once thought to be a variety of Aeonium decorum, Aeonium decorum “Tricolor”, this nomenclature was corrected by the Huntington Botanic Garden in 2002 so it is now referred to simply as Aeonium “Sunburst”.

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Aeonium Sunburst Plants