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About Douglas Goode

About Douglas Goode

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Douglas Goode was born in Cape Town, South Africa, in 1944. Considered to be the world's finest cycad artist, and one of the world's renowned experts on this plant family, Goode has been studying and illustrating cycads since 1964.

While working for the Transvaal Museum, Goode spent many months in the 1960's at that institutions Namibian Desert field station, in what was then known as Southwest Africa. It was there that his interest in studying and portraying unusual plants was first kindled. The first plant to capture his imagination was the spectacular Welwitschia mirabilis, an extraordinary and unique gymnosperm (cone-bearing) plant. This interest led him to study cycads, another primitive gymnosperm, whose most exotic species, Encephalartos, is native to the African continent.

Goode has had a long career with both the Transvaal Museum and the Durban Natural Science Museum. In 1998, he left the latter to pursue his life's passion--the study of plants and his world-reknowned artwork depicting them. To produce Cycads of Africa, Volume I, Goode travelled throughout the African continent, often risking his personal safety and health, to visit these rare species in habitat. This new book is the result of both these hazardous journeys, and a life dedicated to the preservation and conservation of cycads.

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About Douglas Goode