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Freedom Plants II

Save 50% on Freedom Plants II

Save 50% on<br>Freedom Plants II

Here is a unique opportunity for you to acquire selected specimens of some of our rarest species at a 50 percent discount.

Several months ago, we lost a significant portion of some of our stock--including some of our rarest materials--to theft. We're happy to report that we've finally succeded in recovering a small number of the plants that were taken. We're calling them "Freedom Plants" in honor of their safe return from captivity.

These plants look good, are healthy and are covered by our usual guarantee. We hope that by offering them to you at a discount we can find each of them a happy permanent home.

Please Click this Link to see our "Open Letter to the Rare Plant Community -- One Time Amnesty If You Bought One of Our Stolen Cycads"

Please Note: These plants have now been sold. We do have selected other "Freedom Plants" that have been returned, so, please email us by clicking this link for more information. .

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Save 50% on
Freedom Plants II