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Zamia vazquezii Seedlings

Zamia vazquezii Seedlings

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Historically, Z. vazquezii has been confused with Z. fischeri which was described nearly 1 ½ centuries earlier, in 1845. Apparently, at some time after 1932, plants from Veracruz, Mexico were introduced into cultivation under the name Zamia fischeri but these plants differ significantly from the original specimens of Z. fischeri. As a result, Z. vazquezii was separated from Z. fischeri. The most prominent differences between Z. fischeri and Z. vazquezii are in leaf and leaflet features. Z. vazquezii has far more leaves, generally 6+, which are 3 feet and longer. These leaves are erect, and have more than 12 pairs of leaflets. Z. fischeri has fewer than 6 leaves, which are considerably shorter than 2 ½ feet in length, and are reflexed, and with 7-10 pairs of leaflets. Leaflets of Z. vazquezii are more oval shaped, narrowing to a slender point, reminiscent of the fern leaflets. Z. fischeri leaflets are lanceolate narrowing to a sharp point. Petioles of Z. vazquezii often have minute prickles whereas those of Z. fischeri are always smooth. Maturing plants of Z. vazquezii often develop multiple trunks, whereas Z. fischeri nearly always has a single trunk.


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You’ll notice we list and price cycads by their caudex size (diameter in inches). The caudex is a cycad’s woody, bulblike trunk. Caudex diameter is a good measure of a cycad's age. The chart below can give you a rough idea of how this translates to pot size.

Caudex Size
Container Size
Up to 1 Inch 1-2 Gallon
1 Inch to 3 Inch 3-5 Gallon
3 Inches to 7 Inches 15 Gallon
7 Inches and Up 24 Inch Box


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Zamia vazquezii Seedlings