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Removing or Relocating Your Cycads

Removing or Relocating Your Cycads

We are experienced in removing and relocating specimen cycads in people's homes.  In the case of cycad removal, this can preserve an endangered species plant that its current owner no longer wants.

Generally, we can extract the plant at no charge to the owner, because the plant's wholesale value is usually equal to our extraction cost.

Your alternative is typically having a gardener or maintenance worker remove the plant, which may cost $250-$400 to cut out the specimen and haul it away (labor plus disposal costs). So, having us extract the plant can save you money.

If the extracted cycad has been growing in the ground, it will generally go through transplant shock and likely take 1-3 years to re-establish to the point that it’s in sellable condition. 

With all cycads, especially larger specimens that are transplanted from growing in the ground, there is a significant risk, easily 50% likelihood, that the plant may die instead of re-establishing. This is particularly true if transplanted in late fall or winter.

Over years of trial and error, we’ve gotten better at re-establishing Sago Palms, which can be more likely to survive than the African species (Encephalartos) but this can be a risky proposition, even with many years of experience.

If you would like to see if we can remove or relocate your cycad(s), please feel free to fill in this form:

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You’ll notice we list and price cycads by their caudex size (diameter in inches). The caudex is a cycad’s woody, bulblike trunk. Caudex diameter is a good measure of a cycad's age. The chart below can give you a rough idea of how this translates to pot size.

Caudex Size
Container Size
Up to 1 Inch 1-2 Gallon
1 Inch to 3 Inch 3-5 Gallon
3 Inches to 7 Inches 15 Gallon
7 Inches and Up 24 Inch Box


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Removing or Relocating Your Cycads