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Cycad Policies

Cycad Policies<br>Guaranty/Shipping

Guarantee All plants except seedlings carry a 30-day replacement guarantee from the date of purchase if they are defective. We inspect plants prior to their being shipped/sold, and the 30-day replacement guarantee is void if the customer does not care properly for the plant. Seedlings are guaranteed for 2 weeks.

If the plant is not defective, and the customer wishes a replacement or cancels an unfilled order within 90 days of purchase (see below), we will credit back the purchase price toward other merchandise, less a minimum 20% re-stocking fee. Any returned plant material must be in the same condition it was when sold.

If we replace a plant, this is a "one time only" exchange. We will examine the replacement plant we send you carefully, and once it is sent to you, we will not replace or refund that new plant. All returned plant material must include a copy of the receipt or order confirmation. Both the replacement guarantee and any exchanges are subject to the 20% minimum re-stocking fee.

Cancelled Orders Any order cancelled prior to shipment must be cancelled within 30 days of order placement, and is subject to a minimum 20% re-stocking fee, plus any transaction-related costs, including credit card fees, bank charges and other fees.

Seeds There are too many variables related to seeds for us to guarantee either germination rate or viability. We try to send you a few more seeds than you have ordered to compensate for any germination rate risk. Therefore, there is no refund or exchange available for seed purchases.

Order Cancellations--Pre-Sale Offerings If you place an order for an item we are importing on a Pre-Sale basis (in other words, you have prepaid for an item we are ordering from a supplier) and you cancel that order prior to receiving the materials, you are eligible for a credit in the amount of 80% of your purchase amount, but not a cash refund. This is generally because we have already paid the money for the plants based on your order, as well as those of others.

Shipping Plant Materials Overseas--CITES & Other Permits
Items purchased (plants, seeds or other plant materials) requiring CITES or other permits for shipment outside the United States carry a non-refundable $250.00 CITES filing fee, plus a $75.00 Phytosanitary permit fee. In the event the non-USA purchaser cancels the purchase prior to permits being obtained, we offer a 50% refund of the purchase price, or 100% credit toward other items in our catalogue/inventory. Please note that obtaining CITES Export Permits from the USA authorities can take up to 18 months or more, so if you are ordering plants from outside the USA, you will need to have some patience. Please also note that if there is a delay due to your not providing us with necessary import permits, we can not be responsible the resulting delay in shipping. We do our best, but this can be a lengthy process, because cycads are highly regulated endangered species, and this is something we ask you to consider before you purchase plants, seeds or other regulated materials on our website.


Domestic Shipping
Shipping charges depend on the weight of your item(s), how expedited is the shipping method, our cost to insure your package and the time it takes to pack your shipment. With the environment in mind, and to reduce cost for customers, we recycle boxes, so you may receive a shipment from us in a box from a different company. However, it will always be clearly labeled with our name. In addition, most out-of-state shipments require a Phytosanitary Permit, which costs $22 per shipment, a cost we need to pass on to customers. You may either add this to your order, by clicking and adding this to your shopping cart, or we will add it for you when we process your order. Also, because the agriculture authorities in your state require that we ship bare root, and that the plant must be inspected by a Calif. State Agriculture Official, we charge a $10-$15 per plant packing and preparation fee for out of state shipments, in addition to shipping and plant costs.

If you select Ground for a domestic shipment, we generally ship as follows:

Plants: USPS Priority Mail Insured
Seeds: USPS Parcel Post Insured
Books: USPS Media Mail Insured

If you select Next Day service, we generally ship your package via USPS Express Mail.

Please Note: USPS rates are higher for larger packages. As a result, we reserve the right to trim the leaves of your plants to save you on shipping costs. If you do not wish for us to do this, please specify your preference in the "Comments" section when you place your order, but be aware that this option may result in higher shipping charges.

We accept the following Payment Methods:
Credit Cards: American Express, Discover, MasterCard, VISA
Personal Checks (Domestic Orders Only--must clear prior to shipping)
Money Orders (Domestic Orders Only)
Cashier's Checks (Domestic Orders Only)
Wire Transfers

International/Overseas Shipping

Please Note: Ground shipping is not available for shipments outside of the United States. If you are an international customer, please select "International PRIORITY Mail (U.S. Postal Service)" or "International EXPRESS Mail (U.S. Postal Service)" and we will calculate your shipping, add it to your total, and ship your product. There will also be a handling charge associated with your shipment. If you select "Ground" shipping, we will select the most affordable means for shipping your parcel via US Postal Service and charge your credit card accordingly.

If you are a California Business, with a valid California Resale Permit and #, please note this in the "Comments" section, and we will delete the Sales Tax before shipping your products.

Photograph, Image and Content Policy
No photographs, images or textual content from this website or from the Jurassic Garden/A&A Cycads nursery may be used without the express written permission of Jurassic Garden/A&A Cycads.

If you have any questions about the above information and/or terms, please email us at:

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Cycad Policies