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Encephalartos laurentianus Plants

Encephalartos laurentianus PlantsEncephalartos laurentianus, also known as the Kwango Giant Cycad is extremely rare. It is Africa's largest cycad. It grows fast, to become a true giant, prehistoric looking plant! According to author Douglas Goode, its trunk can eventually reach 50-60 feet! In shade, Encephalartos laurentianus eventually becomes so huge that its sheer weight causes the plant to recline and grow along the ground.

Encephalartos laurentianus comes from the Eastern Congo and northeastern Angola, areas considered impenetrable to outsiders, due to their remoteness and danger. Thus the rarity of this plant.

Encephalartos laurentianus achieves leaves of 15-25 feet long, with leaflets reaching 15-20 inches long.

Photo Courtesy Douglas Goode

Encephalartos laurentianus
2 Inch Caudex Size Plant

Encephalartos laurentianus
3.5 Inch Caudex Size Plant



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Caudex Size
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Encephalartos laurentianus Plants