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The Best Cycad Owner's Manual We've Ever Seen
Over 350 Pages of Valuable Information

Cycad World --
The Best Cycad Owner's Manual We've Ever Seen
Over 350 Pages of Valuable Information

<b>Cycad World -- <br><font color="blue">The Best Cycad Owner's Manual We've Ever Seen</font color="blue"><br>Over 350 Pages of Valuable Information</b>
This is the best cycad owner's manual we've seen. Written by an experienced South African grower, Cycad World is a remarkable, extensive and thorough "How-To Manual" for anyone who wants to grow happy, healthy cycads.

A true labor of love, itís filled with detailed color photographs and packed with information the author has gained firsthand over his years of growing and propagating healthy plants as well as tending sick ones.

Think of the value of saving just one of your plants from a lesson or tip you learn from this valuable book. This "owner's manual" is an investment that will pay off multiple times during your cycad growing experience.

Although it is a beautiful 9" x 12" hard bound book, packed with color photographs, Cycad World is not your typical slick coffee-table book. Here at the nursery we were blown away by the amount of thorough, expert advice squeezed into its 350+ pages, including 122 pages of lessons on on Cycad Plant Care topics as:

> Diseases cycads can get and how to treat them
> Insect pests and how to deal with them
> Specific chemical and other treatments for fungi and other pests
> Appropriate use of (and myths about) water
> Cycad pollination techniques
> Growing cycads from seed
> Re-establishing cycad offsets
> Transplanting cycads, both small and mature

In addition, the book includes a 200+ page Cycad Identity Guide covering African cycads, with close-up photos of leaves, leaflets and cones, plus spectacular cycad habitat photographs.

Plus, there's a special bonus for the first 100 purchasers -- your copy will be autographed by the author. And if you are one of the first 10 customers to purchase this book, you will receive a special CD including sights and sounds from visits to the wilds of South Africa (see below).

Please click on the link below to order this special work and to see several excerpts for more detail.

Please note this book is a pre-order and our shipment will likely arrive in Fall-Winter 2011-12, at which time your book(s) will ship.

P.S. If you are ordering this book in the USA only, you may select Books (NOT PLANTS!) in Domestic USA Only when you reach the Shopping Cart, and your book will ship "Priority Mail Flat Rate" .

<b>Cycad World -- <br><font color="blue">Order the Book Here</font color="blue"></b>
Cycad World<br><font color="blue">International Shipping Payment</font color="blue">
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Cycad World --
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Cycad World
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Cycad World
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Excerpt: Seed Floating Like a Soldier

Excerpt: Scale Insects

Excerpt: Root Rot

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Excerpt: Removing Female Cones

Excerpt: Burning of Cycads

Excerpt: New Beetle Worms Male and Female Cones

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Excerpt: New Beetle Worm in Male Pollen Cones

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Youíll notice we list and price cycads by their caudex size (diameter in inches). The caudex is a cycadís woody, bulblike trunk. Caudex diameter is a good measure of a cycad's age. The chart below can give you a rough idea of how this translates to pot size.

Caudex Size
Container Size
Up to 1 Inch 1-2 Gallon
1 Inch to 3 Inch 3-5 Gallon
3 Inches to 7 Inches 15 Gallon
7 Inches and Up 24 Inch Box

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Cycad World --
The Best Cycad Owner's Manual We've Ever Seen
Over 350 Pages of Valuable Information