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Boophone disticha Seedlings

Boophone disticha Seedlings

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Please note: This photo is from plants about 1-2 years older than the seedlings we had offered. All plants are now in larger sizes.

Boophone disticha
grows throughout southern and eastern Africa. It is an attractive, deciduous bulbous plant with a thick covering of dry scales above the ground. The large, round heads are sometimes on such short stems that they appear to grow directly from the bulb, almost at ground level. Boophone disticha has sweetly scented flowers whose color ranges from pink to red and blooming in late winter months into spring.

The grey-green erect leaves are arranged in a fan shape, and usually emerge after flowering. This spring-flowering species will often flower even if it does not receive any water in winter.

Boophone disticha is one of a few species in this genus and occurs mainly in summer rainfall region. The name Boophone is derived from the Greek bous, ox, and phone, death, referring to the poisonous properties of the bulb. The specific name disticha means leaves erect in a fan shape.

Boophone disticha thrives in full sun in well-drained, sandy soil and also in rocky areas. It should be planted in a protected area, and although it can stand drought, it does not like frost. Plant the bulb so that the neck and part of the bulb show above the ground. The plants seem to grow equally well in well-drained, sandy soil and in hard ground, but they take a long time to flower after being moved.


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You’ll notice we list and price cycads by their caudex size (diameter in inches). The caudex is a cycad’s woody, bulblike trunk. Caudex diameter is a good measure of a cycad's age. The chart below can give you a rough idea of how this translates to pot size.

Caudex Size
Container Size
Up to 1 Inch 1-2 Gallon
1 Inch to 3 Inch 3-5 Gallon
3 Inches to 7 Inches 15 Gallon
7 Inches and Up 24 Inch Box


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Boophone disticha Seedlings