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Speculations on the Encephalartos Species of Mozambique

Speculations on the Encephalartos Species of Mozambique

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We are pleased to offer a limited number of First Edition copies of the newly published book Speculations on the Encephalartos Species of Mozambique.

This book features 140 pages, including 25 color pages with 180 photographs, most of these in habitat. There are also 35 pages including line drawings of cones, leaves and other plant material. Tens of thousands of hours have gone into the research for and preparation of this book.

The work contains some breakthrough insights into some of the following species:

> Encephalartos turneri
> Encephalartos munchii
> Encephalartos pterogonus
> Encephalartos manikensis-that complicated complex
> Encephalartos chimanimaniensis
> And more...

This book has been written by Pedro Capela, based on numerous years of research and actual travel to habitat sites. The author is a grower, agronomist and preservationist, having re-seeded numerous habitats with plants propagated in his own nursery in Mozambique. Mr. Capela has traveled up and down the country of Mozambique, to a large number of habitat sites, and may be the most expert individual concerning the various Encephalartos species and forms found in that country.

There is a Limited First Edition Printing to be done, and we are offering two options for people interested in benefiting from this printing:

1. A Special First Edition, signed by the author,


2. A Premier Sponsors' First Edition, which is signed by the author, and includes a CD ROM containing an abundance of Encephalartos photographic images taken in habitats throughout Mozambique.

This is a substantial book, representing thousands of hours of work by the author, and a "must" for any serious cycad aficionado or hobbyist.

Pricing, for this first edition, for a limited time only, is $49.50 for the Special First Edition, and $69.50 for the Premier Sponsors' First Edition.

Wholesale Pricing is available at $44.50 per book for 10+ books, and $39.50 for 25+ books.

Sample Page with Photographs
Sample Page with Line Drawings


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Speculations on the Encephalartos Species of Mozambique