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(syn. Nolina guatemalensis)

Beaucarnea guatemalensis Plants
(syn. Nolina guatemalensis)

Beaucarnea guatemalensis Plants<br>(syn. Nolina guatemalensis)Beaucarnea guatemalensis is a relatively fast growing, tree-forming caudiciform plant native to Guatemala and Nicaragua. The Red Ponytail has a smooth, branching trunk that forms a large, swollen, bottle-shaped base, which increases its size as the plant matures. Over the long term, Beaucarnea guatemalensiscaudex can eventually reach as much as 4-5 feet in diameter and up to 30 feet tall! Newly emergent leaves have a purple or magenta glow, an attractively distinct feature of this plant. Beaucarnea guatemalensis’ recurved, shiny grass-like leaves form a robust crown at the tops of branches and its main trunk. Compared with the common Beaucarnea recurvata, Beaucarnea guatemalensis features narrower, longer, shinier more recurved leaves with a distinct red-purple blush.

Beaucarnea guatemalensis is an easy plant to grow outdoors in tropical and warm temperate climates, and an attractive indoor caudiciform or bonsai. Plant Beaucarnea guatemalensis with good drainage in rich soil, protect it from hard frosts, and give it more water in the warm seasons.

Beaucarnea guatemalensis<br>Small Plants
Beaucarnia guatemalensis<br>Medium-Sized Plants
Beaucarnea guatemalensis
Small Plants

Beaucarnia guatemalensis
Medium-Sized Plants

Beaucarnia guatemalensis Double Plants



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Beaucarnea guatemalensis Plants
(syn. Nolina guatemalensis)