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Aloe pluridens Plants

Aloe pluridens Plants

Aloe pluridens is an attractive tree aloe with gracefully recurved leaves in large spiraled rosettes. It may be either single-stemmed or branched and occasionally bears numerous small plantlets on the otherwise smooth stems. Aloe pluridens derives its name from "pluri-" (many) and "dens" (teeth) referring to the many teeth on its leaf margins.

Aloe pluridens occurs naturally in a coastal belt of southeastern South Africa, generally growing in dense vegetation where its rosettes rise above the surrounding bush.

This tall aloe reaches up to 16-20 feet in height. Its leaves are bright green to yellowish-green, reaching over 2 feet in length. Leaf margins are armed with white teeth.

Aloe pluridens inflorescences are branched and have up to 4 racemes protruding above the leaves. The flowers are usually orange or pinkish-red, and sometimes yellow. Up to three inflorescences may be borne from each rosette. It flowers in late spring to mid-summer.

Aloe pluridens is relatively easy to grow and makes a spectacular garden feature. It can grow in part shade to full sun, and can handle mild frost.

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Aloe pluridens Plants