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Aloe pillansii Plants

Aloe pillansii PlantsAloe pillansii is an extremely rare, stately tree aloe. The largest of South Africa's Aloes, it is so rare that these plants may be among the few seed-grown Aloe pillansii now available in the USA.

Aloe pillansii features a robust trunk and erect branches holding large rosettes of arching silver-grey leaves with small pale yellow teeth on its margins. Also called “ Giant Quiver Tree”, Aloe pillansii becomes a multi-branching tree of 40+ feet in habitat, over decades. In cultivation, Aloe pillansii may be somewhat smaller, and well-adaptable as a home garden specimen.

Aloe pillansii grows in Namaqualand, an arid region of Namibia and South Africa. Hanging bright yellow rounded flowers emerge from branched flower stalks among lower leaves. Aloe pillansii bears similarities to Aloe dichotoma though Aloe pillansii has broader paler leaves and Aloe dichotoma upright flowers. Also, Aloe pillansii grows larger, is less branched than Aloe dichotoma and its branches are more erect.

Aloe pillansii enjoys full sun good drainage, and little water during warm months. It can handle temperatures down to 25 F.

Aloe pillansii<br>5 Gallon Plants
Aloe pillansii 2 Gallon Plants
Aloe pillansii
5 Gallon Plants

Aloe pillansii 2 Gallon Plants



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Aloe pillansii Plants