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20 New Year Specials for 2013!

20 New Year Specials for 2013!A rare cycad or succulent makes a great New Year's gift for the plant lover(s) in your life or yourself.

Below, please click on either a plant name or photo to get more information or to order. To get your discount, please use these coupon codes to buy via our online store, or call us to handle your order:
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1.  Aloe bainesii Plants - Aloe barberae Plants -- a large and tall growing tree aloe native to southern Africa. Grey forking trunk and branches with long dark green recurved and channeled leaves.


Aloe dichotoma -- a rare blue-grey tree aloe native to the Namib deserts of Namibia and South Africa’s Northern Cape. Heat, sun and frost-tolerant. We've grown these plants from seed, because they're endangered in habitat.

.  Cycas sp. Wilailak -- a fast-growing cold tolerant Cycas found in mountains in Northern Thailand, near the Laos border. Also develops an “Elephant Foot” even when young.

4, 5 and 6: Community Pots of 20 or more plants.  Do you want to landscape with a grouping or groupings of a cycad species? Here’s a way to do this very inexpensively, because we're offering these at an 80% discount:


4. Dioon edule Palma Sola -- The fastest growing and most robust variant in the Dioon edule complex.  The only one with keeled (V-d) leaves.  Cold and heat-tolerant and great for a plant grouping, especially at the 80% discount we're offering.


Encephalartos ferox Community PotsOne of the most beautiful and interesting African cycads, featuring bright red cones and glossy leaves with sharp lobes. Also known as the "Holly Leaf Cycad", these are great for a group planting. 

Macrozamia riedlei Community Pots: Macrozamia riedlei is an ideal cycad for Southern California and other arid climates, because it likes hot and dry summers and cool, wet winters.

7. Dioon mejiae “Silver Leaves”: We have a nice group of 15 gallon plants whose leaves have taken on a silvery glow. These are healthy and ready to go into the garden.





Encephalartos paucidentatus -- A cold-tolerant long-leafed cycad which puts forth 6 foot long, dark green leaves, the tips curving gently upwards and inwards. There is a slight leaflet overlap, and the leaflets have just a few spines -- a “paucity” of “dentata” (teeth).

Proteas -- Over the past few years, we’ve been patiently seed-growing several species of these exotic flowering plants, and now have some for you to try:

a. Protea cynaroides--Giant Protea, South Africa's National Flower

b.  Protea grandiceps--lovely striking reddish-magenta flowers with blue-green leaves,  very rare species known from only few isolated sites


c.   Protea obtusifolia--shiny, red flower heads in winter, and thrives in a variety of soils


10. Large Specimen Cycas revoluta Plants from our Sago Forest -- We have a number of larger specimen Cycas revoluta (Sago Palm) plants that are quite striking in our nursery’s "Sago Forest".




11. Strelitzia juncea, the Narrow-Leafed Bird of Paradise.  With its very pointed leaves, and a compact growth habit, Strelitzia juncea has earned its reputation as a prized collector plant.



12. Zamia variegata -- The only naturally variegated cycad species. This very unusual cycad generally has a subterranean trunk, and variegated leaves. We have some wonderful specimens of this unique plant, all grown from seed here in the nursery.

Thank you for your time to review this.


Maurice Levin
Jurassic Garden -- A&A Cycads


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You’ll notice we list and price cycads by their caudex size (diameter in inches). The caudex is a cycad’s woody, bulblike trunk. Caudex diameter is a good measure of a cycad's age. The chart below can give you a rough idea of how this translates to pot size.

Caudex Size
Container Size
Up to 1 Inch 1-2 Gallon
1 Inch to 3 Inch 3-5 Gallon
3 Inches to 7 Inches 15 Gallon
7 Inches and Up 24 Inch Box


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20 New Year Specials for 2013!